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 I had been a reading instructor for fifteen years. I started to notice over the years, it was getting increasingly harder for my students to sit still. I started to notice that I too struggled to sit still.

In my search for stillness, I found Yoga. I was hooked immediately, and I enrolled in one yoga teacher training after another. It was through this training that I found my strength (mentally and physically), I found my voice, and I found my passion. 

My Yoga practice looked like hot yoga classes that were really hard. I was strong, I could do it and I loved it. 

In the first week of 2021 I fell snow boarding and broke my wrist, my practice had to change. As I have gotten older I have found a slower, more gentle approach to be more beneficial. I feel more energized, more open and calm.

~Sarah Violett

About Sarah

Creating Connections Beyond Yoga

  • At Create Community Yoga we're not just about yoga; we're about building connections, celebrating achievements, and fostering a sense of belonging. We want our studio to be more than just a place to practice; we want it to be a community where you feel seen, supported, and celebrated.

  • Our studio is a space where students can connect not just through yoga poses, but through shared experiences and stories. Take the time to get to know your fellow yogis – you might just find a lifelong friend on the mat.

  • Every step you take on the mat is a victory, but we believe in celebrating your triumphs off the mat too. Whether it's a personal accomplishment, a career milestone, or a special moment in your life, we're here to cheer you on.

  • We actively support the events and businesses of our incredible students. Your success is our success, and we're committed to being more than just a studio – we're a network of support for each other.


Empowering individuals to reconnect to self, energize the body and find community through the joy of yoga.

Core Values

Mindfulness based Yoga - Yoga is a profound tool guiding you out of the mind and into the body. As we focus on the present moment, cultivating mindfulness in each breath and movement, we go beyond the physical practice. And, at the heart of it all, we weave the essential thread of loving kindness. Making your journey not just about postures but a holistic embrace of mind, body, and heart.

Gentle Empowerment: Recognizing that gentleness doesn't equate to ease, we empower our students with mindful practices that gently challenge and nurture, promoting growth on both physical and emotional levels.

Cultivating Lifelong Wisdom: At Create Community Yoga, we celebrate the beauty of continual growth, recognizing that every moment is a chance for self-discovery and expansion. Our nurturing environment encourages a journey of wisdom and learning, embracing the rich tapestry of experiences that make each individual's path uniquely vibrant.

Create Community Yoga is dedicated to supporting local businesses and organizations.  We are grateful to have developed a wonderful network of community partnership with the below organizations. 

Community Partners

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