Yoga for Everyone!

Our yoga classes offer a complete age-appropriate yoga practice
including breathing instruction, relaxation techniques,
stretching, and strengthening poses.


It is my desire to teach as many children and adults in my community the tools to navigate this thing called life...

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Services & Classes

We offer classes for Caregiver & Me Yoga, Middle School Yoga, Adult Flow Class, Seniors Class, and more.

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"If every child in the world would be taught meditation,
we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation."

~The Dalai Lama

Yoga and meditation has been transformational in my life. I wanted to create a space that is inclusive to everyone! All levels! 

I like to offer a not-so-serious yoga experience, lets have fun, move our bodies, take care of our bodies, meet friends, laugh, and breathe.

~Sarah Violett

Services & Classes

We are so incredibly grateful that Sarah has opened her studio here in Auburn. We have taken the caregiver and me class with my 4 year old and 1 year old and we all enjoyed it so much. Sarah is really friendly and relaxed. It all feels very calm and easy. And she didn’t mind at all that my one year old was roaming around the room the whole time. My daughter also did a yoga art camp and said “I liked it because we got to play and we used flowers and lavender spray!"

Yoga for everyone!

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