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Yoga in the Armed Forces Pavilion and Community Garden

955 Lincoln Way Auburn, CA 95603

Come visit the Armed Forces Pavilion Community Garden!   

Self-guided yoga in the garden brought to you by a Girl Scout silver award service project completed by Mackenzie, troop 782. It was an honor working with Kenzie on this project to bring more yoga and mindfulness to our community. 

The Forgotten Soldier program offers services to veterans and first responders at no charge:

To help bring back the essential building blocks for body mind and spirit. Which in turn restores quality of life.

Giving Hope So No One is Forgotten!     

Find the locations throughout the garden and follow along!

Sun Salutations are done to welcome the rising of the Sun each day, Bowing to a new day. A welcome!

No matter what time of day it is we can bow to the sun, bow to the fruits of labor, this garden before us..

New Beginning...

Sun Salutations

Take a moment to sit and notice the beauty around you. Take a deep breath. You can close the eyes or keep them open, whatever feels good for you. Notice the smells, notice the sounds. Take a few more deep breaths. Notice what the bench feels like underneath you. This is mindful presence, being here right now. Stay as long as you would like!


I am Ok!

Mindful Presence

Open up the body and heart  in gratitude.

I have empathy!

Star Pose

Tree Pose establishes strength and balance, and helps you feel centered, steady and grounded.

Imagine roots growing out of your feet, connecting to the earth. Trees need lots of water. And so do YOU! 

Moving forward in my life!

Tree Pose

A Labyrinth is a sacred space. A geometrical pattern used for a walking meditation. Walking the labyrinth quiets the mind, opens the heart and grounds. How to Walk the Labyrinth? - There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth. We do offer a couple of suggestions to assist you on your labyrinth journey below. The labyrinth may be walked with others or alone. If you come to someone going the opposite direction, simply step off the path for a moment to allow the other to pass. Listen deeply to your feelings, and allow your body to guide you. Do so in any way that meets your needs while staying respectful to others. You enter the labyrinth and follow the path as it winds its way toward the center. You pause in the center as you like, then turn and exit the labyrinth going the opposite direction.  Listening to the whispers...

Walking Mediation in the Labyrinth

Warrior poses are a strong and steady pose. Hold with determination and integrity.

"Being a warrior has nothing to do with waging war. Being a warrior means you have the courage to know who you are . Warriors never give up on anyone, including themselves." From Sacred World, by Jeremy and Karen Hayward.

Warrior One, Two & Three

Feel the feet ground down into mother earth, as you connect to the feminine energy of empathy, compassion, and courage. This is a pose of womanly power! No matter your gender we can recognize the strength and beauty of all women in all walks of life.


Greatness of self...

Goddess Pose

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